Reading by Firelight

We’re only posting a wallpaper for today, but it’s our FAVOURITE wallpaper.

Also, just for next week we’ll be doing things a bit differently, and will post on Tuesday/Thursday instead of Monday/Wednesday/Friday.


“The True Co-op Conundrum”

Today we make a feeble attempt to explain what we mean by “true co-op”. Also, hope you like refunds!


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ABCs of FMF – Breaking Bosses

We’re bringing up Boss battles in today’s video breakdown of FMF. Since bosses drop gold between each difficulty phase, it means falling to them is never a total loss.


We’re huge fans of Lendo Khar (Tales of Valoran). We even used his art as placeholder when making Rogue Legacy. So when we got a comic from him, it made us want to cry! (Not literally, just figuratively, our tear ducts have wasted away)

Link for context:


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Full Metal Furies – Coming January 17, 2018

AUUGGHHH! We’re so excited to announce this!
Full Metal Furies is landing January 17th, 2018!!!

We love you all!

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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024