Rogue Legacy 2 Price Rise Coming May 24th But Save 20% Now

A Discount Surprise Before the Price Rise.

The release of the Drifting Worlds marks our third content release patch, and the halfway point on our road to completing Rogue Legacy 2. It’s hard to believe it has already been 9 months since the game entered Early Access, and we’ve added an immense amount of content and features. Since launching we’ve released 4 new biomes, 7 new classes, numerous major systems, and a consistent stream of new enemies, spells, traits, skills, relics, and runes. RL2 is absolutely brimming with content, and we believe it is time to raise the price from $19.99 USD to $24.99 USD. A price-rise was always on our roadmap, and our development trajectory has not changed since we launched in Early Access.

Before all this though, we want to celebrate the release of the Drifting Worlds and the passing of our halfway-mark milestone, so starting on May 18 at 10 AM PDT and ending on May 24 at 10 AM PDT, RL2 will be discounted at 20% off its current price (not the raised price). The hike in price will only occur after the sale is over, so this gives gamers an opportunity to get Rogue Legacy 2 at its lowest price ever. This is the lowest price it’ll be for quite a while! If you’re on the fence, now is a great time to dive in and check out everything new and exciting in the Rogue Legacy universe.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.4.0 – The Drifting Worlds Update

20% Discount on Epic & Steam from May 18th to 24th, 2021 (10am PDT)

The Drifting Worlds Have Collided!

We are now over the hump with our third major content patch, and are well on our way to including most of what we wanted with Rogue Legacy 2. We still have a few surprises in-store for future updates, but the Drifting Worlds marks a milestone in our development roadmap! From new features that extend replayability, to massive optimization work, we’ve got a ton of things in-store for this update. Chief among them is the opening of the Drift House, a curious dwelling that holds the mysteries of both space and time. There’s also a host of new content including classes, traits, skills, and a brand new biome to explore, the Sun Tower.


For more, please view the patch notes in an easy-to-read format:

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