Rogue Legacy 2 – Early Access Delayed to August 18, 2020

It has been a tough decision, but we’ve decided to delay the launch of Rogue Legacy 2 by three and a half weeks to August 18, 2020. We’ve run into a few setbacks and we aren’t quite ready to show it yet. We’re close though (which is why the delay is so short), we just need a bit more time to get it in a state that we’re truly proud to display. We know a lot of fans will be disappointed by the delay, and for that we apologize. Even in Early Access we don’t want to compromise the quality of the game, and we hope it shows when we make it to launch.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Coming to Early Access July 23, 2020

Hey Rogue Legacy fans!

Rogue Legacy 2 will be coming to Steam and Epic Early Access on July 23, 2020. That’s only a month away!

The “genealogical rogue-lite” is back, and weneed your help to make sure we hit all the right spots. We’re adding brand new gameplay elements, improvements on familiar features, and flat-out a ton more content.There’sunique classweapons, new traits, and new aspects like offshore banking, all wrapped up in a sparkling 2.5Dstyle!We’re blowing the top off all the details to the game, so please come and visitour website ( or check out our updated Steam store page ( learn more!

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