Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.3.0 – The Arcane Hallows Update

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With our second major content update, the Arcane Hallows; we have officially surpassed Rogue Legacy 1 in terms of raw content (excluding NG+). In nearly all aspects we have either met or exceeded what was found in the original, and there’s at least two more content patches planned!


Patch Notes:

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.0 – The Far Shores Update

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It’s finally here! After months of work, we are incredibly excited to release our very first content update to Rogue Legacy 2. And trust us, it’s a doozy… We heard you loud and clear about the lack of substance when the game first released in Early Access, so we scrapped our best laid plans and decided to go all-out. For this content patch we will be nearly doubling the amount of content by releasing not one, but two entire biomes. Along with new regions to explore, this means new enemies to defeat, new heirlooms to discover, and new bosses to conquer. This doesn’t even include all the standard things we intended to add, like classes, skills, traits, and so on. And what about the slew of new gameplay systems or improved accessibility support, like widescreen handling? Fear not, we will cover everything in the Far Shores Update, but there is much to talk about so be sure to get comfortable.

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