DSYP – Game Page is Now Available

It took a while, but the game page for Don’t Shit Your Pants is finally up. There’s not much to say except that if you haven’t played this game already, then first hand experience will explain things much better than words ever could. It is strictly in the horror genre though, so if you’d like to read up before diving head-first into everyone’s greatest nightmare, check out the game page!

Don’t Shit Your Pants – Game Page

DSYP: An Interview with IndieGames

Hey all,

We recently had an interview with the awesome people over at indiegames.com about one of the games we made a little ways back called Don’t Shit Your Pants.

The interview covers some pretty interesting stuff such as how long it took us to make the game, what the plans are for a sequel (spoiler: no plans), and why Cellar Door Games is linking to an interview for a game made by Decade Studios! So what are you waiting for? Check out the interview now and be enlightened!


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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024