Rogue Legacy – Patch 1.0.12

***As a reminder, you can always make backups of your save files at:
Documents > SavedGames > RogueLegacy

For those with Steam, this will automatically update the next time you log on.
For people with DRM free versions of the game, we will be posting a manual patch for the game later today.

Patch Notes v1.0.12

Major Changes:
– Added support for DirectInput controllers (toggle-able from options screen).
– Alexander will now spawn higher level mobs on NG+ and above.
– All bosses now break Paladin secret move, not just the final boss.
– Fixed bug where controller hardware was being polled too often, resulting in significant lag for some systems.

General fixes:
– Optimization tweaks to rendering. People should find a small improvement to framerate.
– Typo fixes to profile card crit chance.
– Fix to game sometimes crashing during Alexander fight.
– Fixed bug where beating the game with Calypso’s compass would crash the game.
– Fixed bug where architect fee could carry over to NG+
– Fixed bug with architect fee text overlap on NG+ bonus.
– Typo fixes in Journal, and Paladin, and Translocator spell description.
– Alexander boss floor and roof lowered to prevent him from going too low.
– Enemies that are split during timestop are now immune to timestop until it’s reactivated (Feature).
– Enlarged projectile pool.

Balance Changes:
– Architect fee raised from 30% to 40%.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024