Rogue Legacy – Patch 1.0.10

**As a super safe precaution, you can always make a backup of your save folder:

Patch 1.0.10 Bug/Balance Fixes:

Major Changes:
– Back up saving Re-enabled. If your data gets corrupted (from power outtage or something), the game will load up a back-up save.
– Game will announce an error if it cannot save a file 3 times.
– People from Turkey can now play the game.

General fixes:
– Numpad now configurable in key bindings list.
– Trait Tourettes changed to Coprolalia
– Typo fix for Alektorophobia.
– Fixed exploit with invulnerable assassin.
– Fixed bug where saves no longer worked if you ran game with an argument passed in the command line.
– Fixed bug where Special class could lose their special spell.
– Fixed Boss sfx not being adjusted by SFX volume settings.
– Fixed carnival exploit with special class.
– Fixed Final boss fight making player clip through wall during cutscene in special places.
– Fixed special class having no spell delay.
– Fixed exploit with Barbarian special destroying all targets in carnival room.
– Fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when exiting outside entrance.
– Dragon armor bug fix. Armor raised from 68 to 78.
– Last boss drops 1 less mana pot.
– NG+ Difficulty raised slightly.
– NG++ Difficulty raised significantly.
– Down Strike Up text updated.
– Mage INT bonus reduced from 1.35x to 1.3x
– Fix 1×2 map with barrels letting player jump out of the world.
– Fix 2×3 map block spawn bug.
– Typo fixes in skill tree (assassin, miner, etc)
– Time stop mana drain tic rate raised from 7 to 8.
– Red teleporter random crash bug fixed.
– Fixed bug where Ice and Fire wizarsd projectiles would die in their hands if you ran into them.
– Dying death crash bug fixed.
– Fixed bug where game wouldn’t load properly if Game Config was empty.
– Security check to make sure game doesn’t run on RunGameOver
– Fixed bug where potion up and downstrike up descriptions were not updating properly.
– Min mana and health capped at 1. You can no longer go into the negatives.
– Fixed bug where hazards could deal 0 in special circumstances.
– Fixed bug with projectiles sometimes being fired backwards.
– Fixed bug where equipping blood equipment would screw up HUD in blacksmoith screen.
– Fixed bug with last boss where you could take damage if you were in a bad position when you beat him.
– Fixed bug with Last boss and time stop.
– Disabled all Class Skills in carnival room.
– Fixed bug with mana loss appearing if crowstorm was cast in an empty room.
– Dwarf holes removed in 2×2 room.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024