Patch Notes 1.2.0 – Content Patch

Patch v1.2.0 has been released! More content, fixes, balances, and optimization tweaks incoming!

Patch 1.2.0 Bug/Balance Fixes


The following patch includes a content update along with the bug fixes and balance changes that usually accompany it.

We are also currently testing Steam cloud support (Steam only) and will be rolling it out once we’re confident in its stability.

Major Changes:

– Added 5 boss remixes to the game.

– Added 1 new class.

– Added 4 new traits.

– Added 28 new rooms.

– Added ability to reduce shader effect quality for people playing on slower machines.

– Added 6 new Steam achievements (Steam only).

General Fixes:

– Added a small winter effect.

– Fixed a few spelling mistakes.

– Fixed bug where you could cast spells in carnival rooms and destroy targets before the game starts.

– Fixed bug where talking to Pooyan with a spell/ability that drains mana active would result in constant mana loss.

– Fixed bug where completed chests would sometimes show incorrect objectives.

– Enemy names in the enemy HUD now have a character cap.

– Fixed bug where open chests would not be properly reflected on the minimap.

– Fixed bug where diary rooms would show an exclamation mark even if no diary entry was available.

– Fixed longstanding bug where some enemies would spawn well above or inside terrain.

– Fixed bug where the introduction cutscene would crash in very rare cases.

– Fixed bug where casting certain abilities (translocation, assassin ability, etc.) right before entering the castle would result in undesired effects.

– Fixed bug where version 1 of the last boss could not be hit when casting a certain spell.

– Mana cost for spells with no mana cost is no longer displayed.

– Fixed bug where the lineage screen was giving the wrong helmet to ancestors.

– Fixed bug where different sized characters (gigantism, dwarfism, etc.) were not being displayed properly in the credits or profile card.

– Fixed bug where player could move while the last boss door was opening.

– Fixed bug where you could crash the game if you pressed two directions at the same time in the diary entry room (only possible with keyboard).

– Diary entry rooms are now removed from the castle’s generation if you have obtained all possible diary entries.

Balance Changes:

– Vampire and siphon runes now scale with NG+ level.

– Chance of gold chests to drop random stats instead of gold has been significantly increased.

– Increased visibility in dungeons to make navigation a little easier.

– Ponce De Leon logic tweaked.

– Expert Eyeball fire spread reduced from 6 to 4.

– Adv.Eyeballs fire spread reduced from 5 to 4.

– Haggle buffed. Costs less, scales slower, and max price reduction increased from 30% to 50%

– Map tweak to Barrel platform room.

– Typo fixes.

– Fixed plant miniboss sometimes spawning on ground.

– Odds of farting when having IBS lowered.

– Herodotus HP reduced slightly.

– Spelunkers Light no longer costs mana.

– Bouncy Spike auto kill logic bug fix to reduce false positives.

– Following enemies have had their HP decreased slightly to make later zones slightly easier:

— Skel Exp.

— Knight Exp.

— Blob Exp.

— B&C Exp.

— Wizards Exp (all 3)

— Fairy Basic, Adv. and Exp.

— Shield Knight Exp.

— Sword Knight Exp.

— Wolf Exp.

— Zombie Exp.

— Energon Exp.

— Plant Adv. and Exp.

— Fireball Adv. and Exp.

— Skel ARcher Exp.

— Portrait Adv and Exp.

— Starburst Exp.

— Turret Exp.

— Horses Adv. and Exp.

— Mimic Exp.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024