A Free Christmas Gift

Well folks, Christmas* is just around the corner and to get into the spirit of things we’re handing out 10 free promo codes for our iPhone game, Tribal Tallies. Of course, it’s open to whoever redeems the codes first so you’ll have to be quick.  Enjoy!

*You do not have to celebrate Christmas to redeem promotional code.

Tribal Tallies Promo Codes:


Tribal Tallies Gameplay Video

Hey All,

We’ve uploaded a gameplay video of Tribal Tallies for those of you who want to see it in action.

Click here for the full sized version.

Tribal Tallies is a Go!


It has been a long time coming but we have finally finished our game, Tribal Tallies, for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is our very first foray into the mobile market, and hopefully not our last. It’s a $0.99 game that we made with a lot of love and care, and we really hope you enjoy it. Interested?  Get it on the AppStore here!

To keep things short, here’s a breakdown of what Tribal Tallies offers:

  • Easy to Learn… The rules are simple, just tap the numbers in sequential order as quickly as you can. But each stage has its own unique twist, so mastering all variations in order to become the Tally Titan is where the challenge lies.
  • Nice and Quick Sessions… You can play a game in under a minute, making this ideal for pick up and play gaming.
  • Multiple Game Modes… We offer 8 different time attack modes and an adventure mode that has you jumping randomly in between each level type. It ensures that you’re always on your toes!
  • Open Feint Integration… The game is fully integrated into OpenFeint, using features that include things such as friends lists and online leaderboards.
  • Achievements… Tribal Tallies achievements are fully integrated into OpenFeint. With 10 Achievements to go for, you get a lot of play for your buck!
  • Online High Score Tables… And many of them! Each mode has its own unique high score table. Compete with friends and send challenges to one another.
  • Low Price Point… It’s only 99 cents!
  • No Trojans, Viruses or Worms… Awesome!

A lot of time was put into this, and we can say that we are quite proud of the final product! It might be cheaper than your morning coffee, but we believe it’s a much better pick-me-up. Hope you enjoy it!



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