Patch 1.2 Preview

12patchpreviewHey guys,

Patch 1.2 of Rogue Legacy should be coming out in the next few days. ¬†We’ll have more detailed notes when it gets released, but for now we thought we’d give you a quick look into the content we’ll be adding into the game.

New Boss Remixes

– 5 new bosses will be available to battle. These battles will be true tests of skills, and should be available to people at all parts of the game. These are not casual battles, and only the best will succeed.

New Class

– A new secret class can be unlocked by players. It’s pretty uber.

More Traits

– 3 New traits will be added to the game to add some extra variety to character generation.

More Rooms

– The map pool has been increased by 10% to add a touch more variety to your game.

More Achievements

– For the completionisters.

Fixes and Updates

– General balance tweaks and modifications to the game logic to make everything a little smoother.

– Also the Haggle skill will now actually be useful.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2024