I Have 1 Day – Now up on Max Games


Hello all! Don’t worry, we’re not dead. We’ve just been busy releasing our newest game, I Have 1 Day. You can play it for free over at our fancy sponsor at MaxGames.com. If you like adventure games, frogs, or none of the above, then you should definitely check this game out. It’s dope.

We’ll have a spiffy new page up for it later in the week, along with a few spiffy behind the scenes extras to boot! (possibly).

DSYP – Game Page is Now Available

It took a while, but the game page for Don’t Shit Your Pants is finally up. There’s not much to say except that if you haven’t played this game already, then first hand experience will explain things much better than words ever could. It is strictly in the horror genre though, so if you’d like to read up before diving head-first into everyone’s greatest nightmare, check out the game page!

Don’t Shit Your Pants – Game Page

MFQT Game Page is Posted


The game page for My First Quantum Translocator is available now for your viewing pleasure!  If you want to read more information on the game, you can visit the page now.  Remember, once you’re done reading about it, you can play the game at any time at Newsgrounds.com, completely free of charge.

My First Quantum Translocator – Game Page

MFQT – Video Walkthrough

We’ve been getting a lot of comments regarding the high difficulty of My First Quantum Translocator, and even though you can skip the stages it isn’t nearly as rewarding.  So to help people out we’ve posted a video walkthrough that shows you how to solve all the puzzles and get all the endings.

My First Quantum Translocator Video Walkthrough – YouTube:

MFQT – Music by Tettix


We’re just making a quick post regarding the incredible music to My First Quantum Translocator, which was only made possible by the composition skills of Tettix. For those curious, the particular tracks we used were Boing Boing, Epilogue – the cycle, and Disgust. But really, you should check his website out at tettix.net to hear the full library of awesome compositions.

For fans of the game and music:  If you’re curious, two songs that didn’t quite make the cut into MFQT were Yoga Pangs and Smooth Grinding Waves.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2018

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2018