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Rogue Legacy Mac/Linux Update #2

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

We’re just dropping in with a short update on the Mac/Linux port of Rogue Legacy.  It’s been a while since anything has been mentioned on the ports, but we can say we are very close.  It’s currently in testing, with only a few minor bugs preventing us from making it public.  That said, we are considering delaying the ports so that they include the latest patch that we’re working on, which is a stability/content update that will be pretty big.  We know it sounds like a raw deal for a lot of people who have supported us and waiting so patiently.  This way though, we can ensure Mac and Linux users have the best possible experience with all the features and content available (or to be available) right from get-go.  If the patch takes too long to complete, we may release the ports sooner, but either way, keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks as we announce the release for those versions.

Rogue Legacy Nominated at IndieCade 2013

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


Hot off the heels of the PAX 10 at PAX Prime (which was awesome beyond words by the way), Rogue Legacy has been announced as a nominee for this year’s IndieCade 2013.  I know, we’re just as surprised/confused as you are!  A lot of questions must be brimming from this, like “How is Rogue Legacy a finalist?” and “Who did you pay off to get this?”  Unfortunately we don’t know the answers to those questions (or won’t say), but we do know that it is a huge honour to be part of this year’s awards.  The nominees this year look absolutely fantastic, with our hometown Toronto making a fairly sizeable contribution.  We’ll even be seeing some familiar faces from the PAX 10 (greetings folks at Gunpoint, Sokobond, and Towerfall).

Anyway,  if  you’re attending this year’s IndieCade, be sure to drop by and say hello.  The nominees look to be huge this year and our chances of winning anything are slim, so if you see us in tears just try to ignore us.

The Legacy of Rogue Legacy

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

The title to this post is cooler then the contents.  Maybe.

It’s just an imgur album showing off earlier builds of Rogue Legacy, but we thought it’d be cool to show.  I’ve always liked seeing these things, but I might be the only person who does. Commentary included!

Rogue Legacy One Week in the News

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Hey all,

So, it’s been crazy this past week. Truly the craziest of the crays.

We just released our latest trailer for our game Rogue Legacy, and people seem to really like it! At least we hope they do and everyone’s not just being nice to us.  But who knows?

Anyway, last week everything took off when Reddit brought our game to the front page of r/gaming. Yeah!  Thank you Reddit!  We didn’t understand the appeal to karma points until now!

If you have the time check out the comments, we answer quite a few user questions in that post.

From there, we got picked up by a bunch of other amazing game sites!

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