Rogue Legacy has just been Greenlit!


Rogue Legacy Demo Ver. 1.03 now Live

Hey all, wondering if you still wanna buy Rogue Legacy? well wonder no more!

Now you can try out the demo! And if you like it, you can buy a copy! If you hate it. You can buy one to spite us. 🙁

Demo Download Link:
Version 1.03

Remember, if you like the game, you can pre-order it her for $10. Not only will you save $5, but you’ll also get the soundtrack for free!!!!

Also, if you like the game, please vote for it on Steam Greenlight here!!!!
Steam Greenlight Page for Rogue Legacy

Waat? Rogue Legacy Available for Pre-order!

It’s been a long time but we’re finally approaching the finish line!  We’re really really excited to announce that the game is available for pre-order through the humble store!  After a lot of back and forth, a few fights and a couple of dead bodies later, we’ve settled on a price of $10 USD for the game.  That’s right, you can pre-order Rogue Legacy for the equivalent price of 2 boxes of cereal.

That’s not all.  As a thank you to all the wonderful people who support us, pre-orders are packaged with a free copy of the Rogue Legacy Official Soundtrack.  The soundtrack is available immediately, and was composed by the super talented Tettix and A Shell in the Pit.

And yes, the music in the trailer is the music for the game.

Check out the pre-order site below!

If you’re having redirect problems, you can access the pre-order page directly here:

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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2018