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There’s been a bit of radio silence from us, but our latest game has gone gold for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  We’ve submitted it to Apple for approval and though we can’t go into the details, hopefully in a few short weeks we can spill the beans.  The title, Q, gives a few hints on what the gameplay is like.  But then again, it sort of doesn’t.  In any case, we hope you look forward to it and we’ll be giving more details shortly.


Tribal Tallies Lite Has Arrived


We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday.

We’re looking forward to the New Year, and to help bring it in we’ve just released the Lite version of our iPhone/iPod Touch game, Tribal Tallies.  The Lite version offers much of what the full one does, with a complete Stage Mode, a Single Mode, and full online leaderboard and achievement integration with OpenFeint.

If you’re interested in seeing what Tribal Tallies is all about, try out the Lite version now for free!

Get it here on the AppStore!

More Holiday Cheer

With the holidays fast approaching, we decided to bring more cheer by giving away even more promotional codes for our iPhone/iPod Touch game, Tribal Tallies.  They went by fast last time because we put notice on various forums.  We’ve decided to keep these codes available only on our site for our fan faithfuls.  Again though, it’s first come first serve so best of luck getting a free copy!

Without further ado…

Promo Codes:


Band of Bears Information is Up


In all the hubbub of Tribal Tallies, we completely forgot to make a page available for our little lovechild, Band of Bears.  Well, for those of you interested in a title that was recognized as a Top 20 Finalist in Microsoft’s DreamBuildPlay 2009 Competition (what’s wrong with a little self promotion?), you just need to click here to learn more.

DSYP: Commentary

Greetings everyone,

We recently came across a blog post by Gameolio that we felt really took the time to let us know what they liked about DSYP. Being a small game company, commentaries like these make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, so we thought we’d share it with you.

You can check it out here:

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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2018