We’re hiring! ARTISTS

2D Background Artist – CONTRACT

We’re looking for self-motivated professionals who are just as passionate about video games as we are.

You’ll create assets for game levels and maps, such as environmental backdrops or terrain tiles for 2D games based on the game design’s specifications.


A Great Environment Artist:
You draw good. Real good.

A Quick Learner / Problem Solver:
Capable of independently researching and learning in order to resolve issues when they arise, and to continuously improve your own expertise.

Gotta Go Fast:
You’re a master at your craft, and you’re a fast worker.

A Go-getter:
When your tasks run out, you go and find your own.

A Wearer of Many Hats:
Willing to get down and dirty and tackle things outside your designated role.

Diligent & Self-Motivated:
You’re a cheerleader, not a cheerneeder.

Can set yourself manageable timelines to meet realistic deadlines.

Can work remotely at home but are also open to working in a home-office-team environment.

A Communicator:
Capable of explaining complex concepts and projects; Providing regular updates to the team.

Some people on the team are pretty dumb.  Be prepared to answer the same questions multiple times.

– Draw. A lot!

Min Specs:
– A portfolio consisting of at least 3 pieces showing off environmental art.

Recommended Specs:
– Preferably works in Canada.

Please apply to careers@cellardoorgames.com . Don’t forget to include your resume, and portfolio. Cover letters are not necessary, but a little introduction would be nice.

Rogue Legacy Released on Xbox One

The time has come to finally announce that Rogue Legacy is out for the Xbox One!

That’s right, everyone’s favourite genealogical cannon fodder simulator has been released for Microsoft’s latest console, so Xbox fans too can taste the pain of losing their loved ones hundreds of times! We hope that this version maintains our original vision and that Xbox owners new to the game have a blast playing it. If you’re on the fence whether to try it, check out our snazzy new trailer below:

Currently this is the last major platform we’re planning to release the game on, which means we can finally kick back, relax, and spend 18 hours a day fully focused on working on our next project. Look forward to updates in the upcoming months!

Rogue Legacy Coming to Xbox One May 27

Hey-o yoyo,

So Rogue Legacy is finally making its way to the Xbox One, and we’re super excited to be bringing it to you guys! It’s been a long time coming, but we did our best to ensure the experience was as faithful to the original as possible. We worked closely with Abstraction Games and now we’re finally able to extend our legacy to fans on the Xbox One. The game will be available on Microsoft’s console on May 27, 2015, and we hope Xbox fans who have yet to try the game get a kick out of it. We’ve got an official post on the ID@Xbox blog if you want to check it out!

DISCLAIMER: I copied the first sentence of this post straight from the blog.

ID@Xbox Blog Post

Rogue Legacy Indie Box


Hey all,

We’ve got some super exciting Rogue Legacy news. While getting the game to people digitally has been an incredible experience, we’ve always wanted something physical to mark that milestone. So to make that dream a reality, we’ve teamed up with IndieBox to create a limited edition boxed version of the game! Along with obtaining a copy for Windows, Mac, and Linux on a USB key, it comes with a CD soundtrack, a full-colour instruction manual, plus a slew of extra goodies (but we don’t want to spoil it all).  It’s in very limited quantities, so if this tickles your fancy (like it tickles ours) be sure to act fast!  Check it out below:

Rogue Legacy IndieBox

Rogue Legacy Reborn – Remix Soundtrack


Hello from TV Land!

We have some excited Rogue Legacy news for everyone.  The musicians responsible for the incredible soundtrack to Rogue Legacy are at it again, except this time they’ve joined forces with even more talent to create a Super Saiyan remix soundtrack titled Rogue Legacy Reborn.  The composers hail from some big name indie titles like Device 6, Hotline Miami, and Mark of the Ninja. You can listen to the songs on their Loudr.fm page, or better yet, watch one of the artists perform their rendition in this YouTube video:  Tetrimino – Lamprey.  If you liked the song and want more, why not support them, or check out the rest of it on Loudr.fm below!

Click here for the Rogue Legacy Reborn – Remix Soundtrack

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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2017