The Music of Villainous

Greetings again!

Thought we’d stop by and make a post about the talented musical artists responsible for the music behind Villainous. We went through well over 200 tracks to find the sounds we were looking for, and these incredible musicians really helped to make Villainous the success that it is.

Main Theme
-Legend- by Stephen Wells (Supersteph54)

Menu Theme
Enchanted forest v2 by Jamie Bäck (hamstercake)

Battle Theme
Irish Loop by David Kramer (HonorOfStyle)

Villainous Hits the Interwebs

VillainousLogoAfter long last, our new game is up on the Internet for everyone to enjoy!  It’s by far our biggest endeavour in Flash, and we’re super proud of it.  We took a different approach and decided to make a more mainstream game based off a genre everyone loves, Tower Defence!

Of course, we can never settle with tradition and spiced things up.  It’s not quite a Tower Defence, but is instead more like a Tower Conquest.  Be the villian instead of the hero, siege instead of defend, and take over the world, one kingdom at a time.

But why sit here reading about it when you can play it right now? It’s being hosted by our good friends at!

Play Villainous on Kongregate

I Have 1 Day Game Page

The game page for I Have 1 Day is now available on the site, complete with screenshots and an official walkthrough for the game.

We’re playing catch-up with the site (we always are) as we prepare for the launch of our next title. We’re particularly proud of this one, and we hope you all look forward to playing it!

Check out the game page for I Have 1 Day here!

MFQT Interview at DevMag

Hey All,

Just making a quick note that our very own designer, Teddy Lee, was interviewed by DevMag to get insight on how the puzzles for our games are made.  The interview focuses specifically on My First Quantum Translocator, but a lot of principles outlined in the article are applied to all our games.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how our grand ideas become not-as-grand games, check out the link below!

I Have 1 Day – In the News

Huzzah! Our game has been reviewed on the awesome casual game review site that is Jay Is Games. We currently have a whopping 4.9/5 user review score, putting us in their category of “Best Games of All Time”!!! This is an amazing honour, and we just wanted to give a huge thanks to Jay Is Games and their community members who are the best.

We also have graced the gracious goodness of Indie Games front page as their Browser Game Pick! They’re the forerunners for all things indie (if that makes sense), so any recognition from them is a huge compliment.

Indie Games – Browser Pick

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