So What Happened to Mac/Linux?

Hi everyone,

A lot of people have been asking us about the status of the Mac and Linux versions of Rogue Legacy, as we’ve been distressingly quiet about them ever since the game launched on PC almost a month ago.  So we’re making this post to reassure our fans that we’re still working on it, and to give a clearer picture of the progress.

To start, I’ll just go out and say we have been experiencing some complications in porting the game to Mac and Linux.  These problems have been compounded by the post-launch support that was required for the PC version, which has been eating up big chunks of our time.  Needless to say, it didn’t take us long to realize we didn’t have the resources to do this on our own.  To keep people from waiting any longer, we decided to get help from another team to create the ports for us.  So far they’ve done an amazing job of getting things back on track, and if all goes well we should be able to release the Mac and Linux versions in a short month or two.

We’re really sorry for the lack of updates on this.  Work on the ports was a real bummer for a little while, so it’s exciting to be able to give some good news and to see the game running on the Mac and Linux platforms.  We greatly appreciate all the patience and support that fans of our game have shown, and hopefully we can get everyone enjoying Rogue Legacy in a short little while.

Rogue Legacy v1.0.13 Patch Download

Patch version 1.0.13 of Rogue Legacy is now available for download on our site.  Like the previous patches, you will need at least the  base version of v1.0.10a installed before you apply this patch.  This patch will also work if you currently have any other higher versions installed (v1.0.11 and up).

Rogue Legacy Patch v1.0.13 (Requires v1.0.10a or higher)

Rogue Legacy Patch 1.0.13 Notes

***As a reminder, you can always make backups of your save files at:
Documents > SavedGames > RogueLegacy

For those with Steam, this will automatically update the next time you log on.
For people with DRM free versions of the game, we will be posting a manual patch for the game later today.

Patch 1.0.13 Bug/Balance Fixes:

Major Changes:
– Implemented some non-trivial optimizations to increase game performance.
(Smarter sprite batching)
(Merged several spritesheets to reduce texture swapping)
(Additional minor tweaks to reduce GPU load).
– Fixed bug where corrupt backup saves would get players into endless save corruption loops.
– Forced flushing to OS stream for backup files to (hopefully) reduce the chances of a backup save corrupting.

General fixes:
– Fixed bug where gold would very rarely go into the negatives, resulting in a crash.
– Removed normal mapping effects from the content pipeline.
– Fixed bug where you could exit the axe carnival room, resulting in odd game behaviour.
– Fixed bug where you could talk to shop keeps and architect while in mid-dash, resulting in a crash.
– Fixed bug where beating the last boss would zero out your traits.
– Fixed bug where money bags were not animating properly upon landing.
– Fixed bug where beating the game with the compass item would result in a crash when starting a new game.

Rogue Legacy v1.0.12c Patch Download

The patch for v1.0.12c is now available to download from our site.  We apologize for the delay, we ran into a few critical bugs when the patch was initially tested on Steam (hence the ‘c’ added at the end).  Please note that you need at least version 1.0.10a to install this patch successfully.

Rogue Legacy Patch v1.0.12c (requires v1.0.10a or higher)

Rogue Legacy – Patch 1.0.12a Hotfix

Patch v1.0.12a is Available
*This patch is a hotfix to address critical errors people were experiencing with the last patch.

General fixes:
– Added error trapping to handle crashes when the DirectInput device was not being initialized properly.
– Fixed bug where deadzones were accidentally disabled from the last patch.
– Game no longer goes into screensaver mode while active.

Balance Changes:
– Lowered the cost of upgrading Haggle by a small amount.
– A few spelling fixes to make the Lich’s abilities more clear.

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2019

® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2019