Rogue Legacy Patch 1.0.10a Hotfix

**As a super safe precaution, you can always make a backup of your save folder:

Patch 1.0.10a Bug/Balance Fixes:

Major Changes:
– Fix to backup saves to resolve issue with people crashing at start.

General fixes:
– Fixed game crashing sometimes on level load.
– Fixed Rhabdophilia achievement being earned at level start.

Rogue Legacy – Patch 1.0.10

**As a super safe precaution, you can always make a backup of your save folder:

Patch 1.0.10 Bug/Balance Fixes:

Major Changes:
– Back up saving Re-enabled. If your data gets corrupted (from power outtage or something), the game will load up a back-up save.
– Game will announce an error if it cannot save a file 3 times.
– People from Turkey can now play the game.

General fixes:
– Numpad now configurable in key bindings list.
– Trait Tourettes changed to Coprolalia
– Typo fix for Alektorophobia.
– Fixed exploit with invulnerable assassin.
– Fixed bug where saves no longer worked if you ran game with an argument passed in the command line.
– Fixed bug where Special class could lose their special spell.
– Fixed Boss sfx not being adjusted by SFX volume settings.
– Fixed carnival exploit with special class.
– Fixed Final boss fight making player clip through wall during cutscene in special places.
– Fixed special class having no spell delay.
– Fixed exploit with Barbarian special destroying all targets in carnival room.
– Fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when exiting outside entrance.
– Dragon armor bug fix. Armor raised from 68 to 78.
– Last boss drops 1 less mana pot.
– NG+ Difficulty raised slightly.
– NG++ Difficulty raised significantly.
– Down Strike Up text updated.
– Mage INT bonus reduced from 1.35x to 1.3x
– Fix 1×2 map with barrels letting player jump out of the world.
– Fix 2×3 map block spawn bug.
– Typo fixes in skill tree (assassin, miner, etc)
– Time stop mana drain tic rate raised from 7 to 8.
– Red teleporter random crash bug fixed.
– Fixed bug where Ice and Fire wizarsd projectiles would die in their hands if you ran into them.
– Dying death crash bug fixed.
– Fixed bug where game wouldn’t load properly if Game Config was empty.
– Security check to make sure game doesn’t run on RunGameOver
– Fixed bug where potion up and downstrike up descriptions were not updating properly.
– Min mana and health capped at 1. You can no longer go into the negatives.
– Fixed bug where hazards could deal 0 in special circumstances.
– Fixed bug with projectiles sometimes being fired backwards.
– Fixed bug where equipping blood equipment would screw up HUD in blacksmoith screen.
– Fixed bug with last boss where you could take damage if you were in a bad position when you beat him.
– Fixed bug with Last boss and time stop.
– Disabled all Class Skills in carnival room.
– Fixed bug with mana loss appearing if crowstorm was cast in an empty room.
– Dwarf holes removed in 2×2 room.

Rogue Legacy is now out!!!


And it’s available at all these awesome places!

Cellar Door Games
Gamers Gate
Good Old Games

You can also get it at OnLive, which supports both PC and Mac versions through the magic of cloud gaming.

**The game currently only works for PC, full Mac and Linux support will come later. It’s one of our top priorities.


Rogue Legacy to be released June 27th

To the 5 guys that check this site out, we have officially announced the release date for Rogue Legacy!

It will be available on Steam on June 27th, 2013.
It will be available on other distribution platforms shortly after.

Check out our little teaser trailer HERE!

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® All Rights Reserved Cellar Door Games 2018